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I was really happy here. My English improved and I met many friends.

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  • Erin School of English Policies and English Exams

    Erin School of English is a progressive, English foreign language learning institution. We are dedicated to providing a first class education in English or your chosen language, using materials, methods and skills relevant to today's globalised society.

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  • Visa Information

    If you are a non-EU citizen you will require a Study Visa to enter Ireland. However you are exempt from this if you are from any of the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Czech Rep, Estonia, Guatemala, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Korea (Rep South), Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland, Uruguay, Venezuela. While it is your or your agent’s responsibility to apply for the visa, Eden School of English will give all reasonable assistance to you in your visa application process.

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Recognised by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland, for English language teaching (ELT).


Erin School of English has approval to offer students learner protection insurance, Learner Protection insurance is only in place when each student receives their certificate.

19-22 Dame Street, Dublin 2
Tel: 00 353 1 878 3684 | E-mail: