I am having a lot of fun in Ireland and I don’t want my last week in Dublin to end

I am a student from Italy. Apart from learning English, currently my main duty is to organize a video that tells the story of this journey. Giada, my co-worker and I have to decide with the rest of the group what to record. Our idea is to do a bit of all our daily routine: from when we go out to go to the school to when we turn back home. We would insert both photos and videos of the places we have visited too.

In the morning, I take the attendances of the students with Giada. It helps us be more confident and determined: we have to convince and persuade them to participate to the afternoon classes, such as music or theatre class, but IELTS exam preparation and conversation class too. On Monday, there is the New Student Welcome Party. All these activities are very interesting and everyone can take part in them.

Speaking of what we have visited, our teachers and our guide are letting us discover some beautiful locations in Dublin.

We saw the house of Oscar Wilde, but just the exterior since the interior has been changed and transformed in an American college; then we saw his statue in front of the garden garden and of course we touched his foot!

About the unforgettable James Joyce, we visited the pharmacy where the famous Ulysses’ Mr. Bloom bought the lemon soap. It was exciting to be in the exact real place where the story happened! It was like being in the book itself, living it!

On Saturday, we went to the Cliff of Moher. We left early in the morning and we arrived at 2 PM. While travelling, we saw beautiful little towns, plenty of people enjoying the sun at the beach or just drinking and eating in a café. Somehow it reminded me of Italy. The cliff was very high, but we did not care: we climbed it in spite of all the danger and the wind. We took some beautiful pictures too. At 4 o’clock, we had to leave, but the views from the bus were worth it!

I have never imagined going to such good and fantastic places so early.

On Sunday, we went to the Botanic Garden. We saw handsome and exotic plants and pretty, colored roses! I did not want to take too many photos but I couldn’t resist. It was relaxing. Then two girls asked to go to Phoenix Park; it was not planned so the others had other plans. Our teachers insisted that we had to stay together until 6 PM, so we walked to the center of the town. We went to the Royal Canal where there happened to be royal Swans. They were very pretty and the little ones were so cute! However, we had to be careful because the parents would become angry. Sometimes they almost overturned to eat the algae that was in the water, it was fun! Some of my group also fed them and they seemed to be very hungry. The water was clean and the landscape, the scenery was fairy. There were some places where it was a bit dirty, but not where the swans were. There were little waterfalls with small bridges too. Some people and I crossed them although it was dangerous and it was not easy to find balance. Fortunately, it went well. Exactly at 6 o’clock we took leave of our guide and teachers; many went back home but my friend, Elizabeta, and I went to a café instead.

In the group, there is a strong connection and a good relationship by now: we bonded very much.

I met new people although I knew some of them by sight (since we all go to the same school). I understood that behind the appearance, there is someone who really is a beautiful person.

I am a bit sad that this experience is going to end. The rest of the group go out every night, which I missed so far because I live far from them. However, we have decided with great determination that, since the last week is coming, we will meet our friends despite the difficulties.

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