In the center of Dublin on Dame Street is the language school Erin School of English

Classes are held in groups depending on the level of training and, of course, the age

Students come to school – both juniors and adults – from all over Europe. For example, the tutors and mentors were from Italy, who naturally speak English well. Our Russian and the Italian juniors were very enthusiastic.
Thus, the Russian students (Saratov and Ivanovo) were completely immersed in the language environment which included:

  1. Three hours a day at school.
  2. Compiling with the tutors after classes (excursions, walks – all together).
  3. A lot of creative tasks with Larissa G. and Alina B. and the daily summing up of the day, again in English.
  4. Communicate with the owners of the house where we lived.
  5. A huge number of everyday contacts – in the bus, shops, cafes, on the streets of Dublin.
  6. It even seemed at times that it was easier for our children in Ireland to even speak English with each other!

Some Saratov students came to Ireland for a second and even a third time

Just do not ask if Ireland is bothering them. Such a question will cause at least a bewilderment to the children.

Dublin is like looking at a loved one after separation (even short-lived). You’ve seen admirable features many times and every time – in a special way. So is Ireland. One falls in love with her imperceptibly and imperiously. And you cannot let go, no.

Very soon Larissa and Alina will take the next group for one week in London, three in Dublin. Each trip is unique. Yes, it is one-of-a-kind and exceptional.

There is one important point – a child should be ready for such a trip

In the June group there were students between 11-13 years old. In July the older students would go.
But both should have the skills of independence. And not only in theory, but also in practice. Teaching and cognitive trips exclude vagaries, laziness of the soul and body and weak will. This is work, and you need to be ready for it.
Because it is:

  • A huge language practice – even for two weeks, not to even say a month – you can easily move forward in the improvement of spoken English and, of course, in listening.
  • Large arrays of cognitive information – for example, the history and culture of Ireland. It is a kaleidoscope of information and impressions.
  • Close contact not only with peers, but also with elders (it is necessary to be able to build relationships and maintain contacts). Larisa and Alina are university educators, there is a lot of respect and trust in their attitude towards children.
  • Many of the decisions are made by the students themselves: from seemingly simple ones – what to wear today or buy in cafes to the more difficult ones – how sensible to plan the budget that parents have allocated for the trip.

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In short, this is an enviable practice of independence and responsibility.

If there is a financial opportunity, I would wish each of my parents acquaintances to give their children such a trip. It will teach children a lot. First, the confidence in their right to be free, and second, being responsible for their own actions.

There are many language schools in Dublin, I saw some in my wanderings around the city, but Erin School of English is one of the best.

Author: Maxim Evstifeev

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