After officially becoming an exchange student in Dublin, it’s time to get familiar with a few things that can make your life easier.
One such item is the Student Leap Card – a public transport card accepted in municipal and intercity buses, trains and trans. With one of those in hands, you can get discounts on the transport fees, and in-store purchases. Here are some more details about the service:

Who is eligible for a Student Leap Card

Any Irish student registered on a 15 hours week course, with at least 6 months duration, can apply for a Student Leap Card.

The rules are the same for foreign students from institutions approved by the Irish government. However, students from online courses may not be able to apply for the card, unless the school is registered.

Where to get the card from?

There are four ways to apply for the card: the official website, the smartphone app, the postal service, or in person with a certified agent. In all cases, you just need to fill out a form and pay the € 7 fee. If you choose to go to a certified agent, the photo for your card will be made there and the card will be ready in just a few minutes. Choosing one of the other options will direct you to how to pick your card at a certified point.

Click here to apply by mobile

If you are a student at Erin School of English you can ask about your Student Leap Card at the school reception.

The benefits of having it

On the official website you can find an estimation of how much money you could save by using the card for public transportation. For example, people that are using the Dublin Bus every day can save up to €20 euros per week while riding the bus as much as they want. There are discount packages for the DART and Luas as well, allowing you to save up to 27% per month on public transportation.

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Do I really need a Student Leap Card?

Even if you live close by the school or work and you are not using public transport very often, it can be useful to have a Student Leap Card and take advantage of the discounts on your off-days, visiting interesting new areas in Dublin. When using the DART or Luas, a good tip is to be sure to tap the card twice – once in the beginning and one more time at the end of the journey – to pay the right fare for the distance you traveled.

Even better, students can also receive discounts at various fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, retail stores – Boots, Urban Outfitters, etc. You simply need to show your Student Leap Card. Find all discounts on this page.

Travel for free during the weekends

For those individuals, living away from the city center, that need to use transportation on a daily basis, the card is a must. When traveling by Dublin Bus or DART daily, you can also take them free of charge on Saturdays and Sundays. It all depends on how much transport you will use during the week, so if you have any doubt, check the company’s website and ask the agent when applying for your card.

Author: Juliana Hansen

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