Is the weather rainy all the time? Are there redheads everywhere?

From Ireland with Love

Twice a year during the holidays, the language centre Dialogue organizes student trips to Ireland. A two-week trip includes classes at Erin school of English in Dublin and a cultural program: visiting museums and other attractions like visiting the seaside. This summer in Dublin, among the other representatives of the centre went the journalist for SSU-puppy, Polina Orlova. In this article, she’s going to share with you the real Ireland and tell you everything you need to know before you visit the green country of leprechauns and pubs.

Dispelling the myths

  • Ireland, like England, is a country of eternal rain

During our trip, it rained only a few times and it ended as quickly as it came. However, you need to prepare for the fact that the weather can change very quickly: the sun is hot, and after a few minutes, an icy wind can start blowing.

  • Irishmen eat only potatoes

Of course, some Irish people eat potatoes, and the national dish is “fish & chips” (fried fish with potato slices). Nevertheless, at the same time in Ireland they love Italian cuisine: pasta and lasagne.

  • On the streets of Ireland, there are only redheads

There are not many residents with red hair, but you will meet red-bearded men quite often.

  • Irish people are often in a state of intoxication

Despite the fact that Ireland is the birthplace of the beer “Guinness” and the whiskey “Jameson”, the inhabitants of Dublin, like all normal people, go to work sober.

What to read before the trip to Ireland

Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, Jonathan Swift, George Bernard Shaw … And this is not a complete list of the world-famous Irish writers. Of course, the main pride, “the Irish Shakespeare” is James Joyce. Joyce was a modernist, the author of Ulysses, one of the most famous novels of the 20th century. He also wrote a collection of short stories about the lives of ordinary Dublin residents called Dubliners. Unlike most of his novels, this work is quite easy to read and will give you a different view of the Irish from that found in films and on TV.

How to dress

The weather in Ireland is an entire topic for conversation. In summer, you need to take both shorts and a jacket. Another tip: get dressed with more than one layer of clothes. This is the best preparation for sudden changes in temperature, especially if you leave the house for the whole day. In any case, do not forget about comfortable shoes.

What else to take with you?

Most likely, you will need a big bag or a backpack; a raincoat or a compact light umbrella; souvenirs (foreigners are pleased to receive such gifts), a camera and a package of buckwheat.

Places you should visit

very old catholic chirch

Museums, churches, parks, theatres, pubs, there are many choices to pick from many of which are free to visit.
In the National Gallery, for example, you can see paintings by Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Velasquez, Monet, Titian and many other great artists for free. You can also attend service (Catholic) in the incredibly beautiful St. Patrick’s Cathedral for free.
If you prefer the outdoors, you can also visit Phoenix Park, one of the largest city parks in Europe, where you can feed the deer, who roam freely through the park.

How to eat on a budget in Dublin

At the seaside – many cafes with delicious dishes of fresh seafood. In Dublin, you can find places for every taste: both expensive restaurants, and a large number of fast food establishments. Moreover, salads and soups, for example, are being sold in regular supermarkets. There are tables and chairs to stop for a snack.

Where to listen to good music

In Dublin, you will meet many interesting street musicians. You can just walk around the city, choose the group you like, stop and listen. In addition, there are many pubs in with free live music/ concerts every evening if you order something there.

Where to buy nice clothes at a good price

You can find most worldwide brands in Ireland: H & M, Bershka, Topshop, Zara, Mango, and many others. There is also a local network of budget clothing and household goods shops. The choice is huge, and the prices are quite adequate.

Remember: all shops in Dublin close early, most often at 6 PM local time.

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How to get the most out of your English language practice

Our English course took place not only in school (classes last 3 hours a day), but also on the streets of Dublin: we ordered food, purchased items in stores, and sometimes asked passers-by about where to go. All of that was done in English. We got lots of practice at asking for directions. For me, it was very useful to listen to the stories of the guides about the various sights. This is a great way to improve your understanding of English speech and broaden your horizons by learning more about the country at the same time.

Where and how to get acquainted with foreigners

Students from all over the world come to Dublin to learn English and work attend Erin School of English. They are very sociable and friendly, so it is not too difficult to establish contact with them and start to correspond in social networks. In addition, the school regularly arranges parties in pubs, entry passes for which the teachers themselves distribute. However, not only students but also ordinary visitors come there. As a student of “Erin” you can buy drinks at a discount, get to know the people from your group and make new acquaintances.

meeting a herd of deers

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