Don’t expect less than a chaotic environment in such a huge noisy metropolis when you arrive here. At first, it may seem a bit hard to get used to all the transportation options that Dublin has to offer and how they work. The major options are the Luas, the DART train, and the Dublin Bus. What will determine which one will serve you better is probably your address since for some points in the city choosing the Luas or DART travel can be much faster. 

Before you start your adventure in Dublin, it is a smart idea to do a research in advance and to try learning more about the best ways to navigate around the city. To facilitate you, we have prepared a practical guide with everything you need to know.

Dublin Bus

Double decker Dublin bus in blue and yellow

The “Dublin Bus” uses classic two-floor (double decker) buses, which are always in blue and yellow colours. Besides being very attractive, the Dublin Bus is also an excellent way of navigating around the city and can take you wherever you want to go. The bus schedules are very organized, and the vast majority of bus stops have panels indicating when the next one is coming.  Another relevant point is that all buses are adapted for people with mobility disabilities.

During the week the bus usually runs from 6:00 AM to 11:30 PM (it can change depending on the route), and on weekends the schedules change. In addition, some routes have night buses on Fridays and Saturdays, perfect for those who want to enjoy the night in the city and return home by public transportation.

A useful tip for commuters is to download the Dublin Bus app where you can search for the bus itineraries and more.

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Luas city trains in Dublin

Dublin has no underground subway so the LUAS tram service is a great option for moving around the city. Like the Dublin Bus, the LUAS reaches many different areas and it is perfect for both – daily travels going and returning from school or work, and tourists wanting to visit the main landmarks in the city centre. The tram runs from 5:00 AM to midnight every day.

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The DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) is the train that goes next to the city coast and is used as daily transportation by many residents of the seaside towns. The DART lines link Dublin with more distant regions like Bray, Malahide, and Dalkey. It is perfect for one-day trips during the weekends if you are living in Dublin. The trains run daily from 5:00 AM to midnight, and the travel is usually faster than using Dublin Bus or Luas.

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Save money – use a bicycle

One nice thing I noticed since my arriving in Ireland is that many students choose cycling as their main way of transportation in Dublin. The city is fully adapted for cyclists and there are bike paths practically in every street, as well as bicycle parking racks. So cycling is a perfect option for those who live closer to work and school, and want to save on some weekly expenses. Using the Dublin Bus every day, for example, can cost up to €20 per week. You can search for bicycles in online ads and on different Facebook groups.

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There are also rental bikes around the city.

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What is the best transportation for Erin students?

The good news for those who will study at Erin School of English is that the school building is located in a very good place, right at the geographical centre of Dublin. Using Luas, DART or Dublin Bus stations leaves you just a few minutes away by walking distance. For students who choose to live in the coast side, in towns such as Bray or Malahide, the DART is the best way to get to the school. You can arrive at Tara Station which is only 10 minutes away walking to the school.

In addition, for those who choose to live in Dublin city center and the surroundings, the Dublin Bus and the Luas are good alternatives too. There are many lines coming from both the northern and southern areas of the city that arrive at the school street address or near it – <<19-22 Dame Street>>. For easier navigation, we are advising you to use their app so you can find the most convenient route for you.

Author: Juliana Hansen

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