Eva is our new intern here at Erin School of English.

You’ll frequently find her at reception and going round the classes during attendance. You might even see her taking photos or helping out with the after-school activities.

Eva is eighteen years old and she is doing her internship here with us to validate her degree. She comes from Montelimar, a town in the South of France. She will be with us here at the school for two months. Eva chose Ireland because she had never been here before and she was curious to get to know the Emerald Isle. She really likes Dublin so far and is happy to be here.

Back home she likes hanging out with her friends, reading thrillers and watching series. While here in Ireland she hopes to learn English better and improve her speaking. Eva also wants to visit as many places as she can while here and simply to enjoy the Irish experience.

Where are you from?

I’m from France, in the south, my city is Montélimar. It’s a small town (30 000 inhabitants). The “nougat” is the specialty of my city, it’s done with honey and almond.

Where do you study there?

I am studying in high school in Valence, it’s a city 45 minutes away from Montélimar. It’s my first year and I’m taking HNC, specializing in management.

Why do you study English language?

I want to improve my English because it’s very important for my studies and for work after that. And I want to have a better level of English, I don’t speak English really well and I think the best way to learn is by immersion.

How did you pick Ireland?

I chose Ireland to make my internship because I wanted to go in an English-speaking country and I had never been to Ireland.

Why did you choose to study in Dublin?

I chose Dublin as the capital city and it was Erin School of English that I found for my internship.

Did you have any other options?

At first, I wanted to go to Spain because I have a best level in Spanish. But I want to improve my English and I didn’t want to go too far from France. So I went to Dublin.

How long have you been at Erin School of English?

I’m an intern in Erin School of English for 2 months. This week it’s my third week.

What was hard for you when learning English?

For me, in English, the most difficult it’s to conjugate the verbs.

Where do you live in Dublin?

I live in an accommodation in Dublin 1. I’m with my friend because he makes his internship in Dublin too. We are with other people who come from Mexico and Spain.

How did you find accommodation? Do you like it?

I found my accommodation fairly quickly in www.daft.ie. This accommodation is friendly.

Does it take a lot of time to commute?

To come to my internship, I take 20 minutes by bus and 30 minutes walking. I prefer walking because sometimes there are a lot of people inside the bus.

Did you make any new friends?

I made some friends in my accommodation and in my internship.

Did you visit any interesting place in Dublin or outside?

I visited museums, they are very interesting, many parks like Saint Stephen Green or the National Botanic Gardens and this weekend I will go to Bray.

Do you like Dublin and Ireland?

I like Dublin because the people are very nice and welcoming. It’s a beautiful city and it’s possible to walk around Dublin easily.

What do you think of Erin School of English?

I think Erin School is a good place to study and to make an internship. The teachers are very nice.

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