Verónica is one of our new faces at reception and you may recognise her as the friendly lady who checks attendance at the school!

Verónica is 24 years old from the beautiful city of Madrid (Spain). She has recently earned the title of ‘Technician in Administrative Management’.

She has been living in Dublin for the last 2 weeks. She came here to improve her English, gain experience and to push herself to learn to make brave decisions. (We applaud her!:) She also loves learning about different cultures.

Her hobbies include music, photography and she loves to travel too! Here in Dublin she enjoys checking out the pubs, going to the parks or just cycling around admiring the nature all around.

We decided to ask about her experience so far:

Hi Veronica, where in Spain are you from?

I am from Madrid, the beautiful capital of Spain.

Where do you study in there?

I am studying in an institute in Madrid. I have recently earned the title of Technician in Administrative Management. In addition, I want to continue studying Management and Finances the next year.

Why do you want to improve your English?

English is essential to get a good job, so I think that this is a great opportunity to improve my English skills and get more practice speaking.

What are your reasons for picking Ireland?

I chose Ireland because I had never been here before and I found out it is a beautiful country.

And why Dublin?

When I knew I had the opportunity to do internship, I looked for information about Dublin, which seemed like a beautiful city, full of life and I knew right away that I wanted to do it here. Shortly after, I found the internship at Erin School.

Did you have any other choices to consider?

At first, I was thinking about going to London or Malta but after I read about Dublin, I could not think of another place.

How long have you been at Erin School of English?

This is my sixth week as an intern in Erin School and I will be here for five more weeks.

What was your biggest challenge while learning English?

After I came here, I was very embarrassed when I spoke English but now I have more practice and I only think how to improve day by day. I am speaking English the best part of the day, so I feel I am getting better.

Where do you live in Dublin?

I live with other Spanish, Italian, French and Brazilian people in a house in Dublin 12.

How did you find accommodation? How much time do you commute?

I found my accommodation searching online, and it is a really nice place, we have a terrace even! Some days I spend like 1 hour by bus but other days only 20 minutes, it depends on the traffic.

Did you make any new friends?

I made some friends in my house and in my internship too.

Did you visit any interesting places already?

I visited the parks like St Stephen’s Green or Phoenix Park, they are amazing to rent a bike and enjoy the sunny days. I visited a lot of Museums and the Dublin Castle too.

Do you like Dublin?

I really like Dublin, people here are friendly and nice and for me, it is a beautiful city with many different things to do.

What do you think of Erin School?

I am really happy to be doing my internship in Erin School, teachers and staff are great, they are very nice and it is in the heart of Dublin so I can do a lot of things in the centre after work.

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