My stay in Dublin so far

We are already in the middle of my seventh week in Dublin and there is only a month left to go home … The truth is that I feel so welcome in the city and at work that I will feel very sad to leave.

It is happening too fast

The day to day work is much better with good atmosphere. These weeks I am focused on administration and marketing work and the truth is that I am quite entertained, although the days with more work are on Mondays when new students start, which we receive with a welcome party in the students room after class.

On the other hand, I am still learning a lot at work, I am surprised about the improvement in communication skills that I am having. Before coming to Dublin, I could not speak English in public and I was embarrassed to ask for direction when I was on holidays, and now I do not care if I am being wrong because I still learn. The truth is that the atmosphere is still unbeatable, in addition, there is also another French girl, Eva, doing internships and we help each other.

Enjoying the charm of Dublin

Last weekend I was in the centre of the city, doing some shopping and enjoying the charm of Dublin. This city always surprises me, you can always find something different in every corner and every street is a world to discover, always full of people here and there, enjoying the few sunny days we have. I have been walking in downtown, taking advantage of the good weather on Saturday and visiting places I had not yet seen, such as Merrion Square Park.

Three glasses with different kinds of whiskey on a wooden board

I have also visited the whiskey museum, which is an incredible experience. The guide we had was a super friendly and very nice Irishman who explained the whole history of Irish whiskey while visiting the different parts of the museum, and on the top floor, we had the opportunity to try three different types of Irish whiskey. Totally recommended!

For the next weekend, I have planned to go to the Guinness Storehouse, which after 8 weeks here is already being hour. I will tell you more!

People sunbathe!

One of the things that surprises me most is with just 10 degrees, with a ray of sunshine, the Irish are already dressed as if they were in the middle of August with 40 degrees temperature, shorts, suspenders and sandals. They even sunbathe! I’m sure when I come back I’ll miss the rain.

A man sunbathing on a green lawn while reading with the sea in the background

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