After getting a job as a student in Dublin you will need a bank account to receive your wages properly, and sometimes this process could have some tricky paths. As a foreign student living in Ireland, I had some challenges before getting my bank account. In regards to helping you during this process, I made this article with some practical and useful tips, plus all the documents you will need.

Which bank to choose to open my account?

There are several choices for banks in Dublin that can offer you a daily banking service. Make sure the chosen one can give you the things you really need, like a debit card and especially good customer service. Here are some of the good ones you can choose between which are used by many students:

  • AIB
  • Bank of Ireland
  • KBC
  • Ulster Bank

Can I open my bank account online?

Unfortunately, not many banks in Ireland provide the option of opening a bank account online to non-Irish citizens, or sometimes it’s simply easier to visit the bank. Due to the heavy flow of people trying to open accounts every day, some banks ask you to arrange an appointment and come back on the date with all the documents necessary to open the bank account.

Go to an office out of the city centre

Usually, bank offices outside Dublin’s center have a smaller stream of people, which means that the chances of being able to open an account on your first try may be much higher. If you live in a more distant neighborhood, look for nearby banks and try to open your bank account around there – it may be much easier. Otherwise, just hop on a Dublin Bus or LUAS and find a remote office in the more distant parts of the city.

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What documents do I need?

The Irish banks are very strict about the documents you need to carry when opening a bank account:

  • Proof of Identification;
  • Your passport or driving license;
  • Proof of address which needs to be acceptable for the bank
  • Letter for an official Irish department, such as Revenue or Department of Social Affairs;
  • Previous utility bills.

It will take up to five working days for the bank to register your application, create your new account and send the debit card to your house. Once you become a legal customer, you will see how efficiently the companies operate here.

Author: Juliana Hansen

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  1. I have a question, is it possible to open an account online. I understood from your article that I can’t. Thank you for sharing important information!

    1. Even though all banks allow the opening of a bank account online this applies to Irish citizens only. It is more complicated for foreigners and they need to visit an office.

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