Cambridge, IELTS and TIE Exams

All of our General English courses include exam preparation for TIE, with optional upgrades to IELTS and Cambridge exams. These exams are accepted by over 6,000 universities and employers around the world. Preparing for them will give you the necessary skills to succeed at university and beyond.

Cambridge Exam

The Cambridge First (FCE) is an Intermediate level exam (Level B2, Council of Europe). It is ideal if you want to work or study in an English speaking country. The Cambridge Advanced (CAE) is an Advanced level exam (Level C1, Council of Europe). It is mainly for those who are going to need English language in their work.

Why take IELTS?

The IELTS exam is recognised worldwide as a test of English ability. Perfect for anyone wishing to do further study or work in an English-speaking country. The course focuses on exam content and ways of maximising your score. Courses arranged on request. Erin School is an approved IELTS Practice Test Centre.

TIE Exam (Test of Interactive English)

TIE is Ireland’s very own test of English designed and administered by IELT and accredited by ACELS, TIE is on the ILEP list of accepted exams. The exam consists of a speaking and a writing test designed to measure how well you can communicate in English. TIE is an adaptable exam that can be taken by learners at any level.

Free IELTS preparation class

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