Cambridge exam: course summary

The Cambridge Main Suite exams are among the longest-running and most respected English language tests in the world. Unlike TIE and IELTS, the Cambridge exams are level specific with a tailored test for every level from A1 to C2. Cambridge Exam certificates have no expiry date.
They are valid forever and are accepted by many universities, employers and government departments.
Please note that for UK Citizenship only IELTS for UKVI applications is accepted.

Erin School books all Cambridge exams with University College Dublin.

Cambridge exam preparation at Erin School of English

A2 Key (Formerly KET)

Note that the A2 Key exam is not on the ILEP list of accepted exams for the Irish Student Visa. Non-visa students can take it as well.

A2 Key is designed for learners who have an Elementary level of English and can communicate in simple situations.

The exam has three tests: listening, speaking and reading/writing and lasts around 2 hours.

B1 Preliminary (Formerly PET)

This level is for learners with an Intermediate level of English. They should have the skills to communicate in most everyday situations.

The exam lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes and has three parts: listening, speaking and reading/writing.

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B2 First (Formerly FCE)

B2 First is designed for learners with an Upper Intermediate level of English. They should be able to communicate well enough to live and work independently in an English-speaking country.

The exam has four tests: listening, speaking, writing and reading/use of English and lasts around 3 ½ hours.

C1 Advanced (Formerly CAE)

The test is designed for learners with an Advanced level of English who are skilled users of English in work, life, and study. Accepted by many universities, businesses and government regulations around the world. C1 level is a high-level English Language qualification.

The exam lasts 4 hours and has four tests: listening, speaking, writing and reading / use of English.

C2 Proficiency (CPE)

This is the highest Cambridge English qualification and is designed for C2 level students. They must have attained the level of fluency of a skilled native speaker. It is accepted by most universities and companies around the world. The certificate is proof that the student can communicate at a very high level in the academic or professional worlds. E.g. undertake a Ph.D. in English.

The exam lasts 4 hours and has four tests: listening, speaking, writing, and reading/use of English.

For more information on the Cambridge Main Suite Tests please see the Cambridge Exam page

Erin School is an approved Cambridge Mainsuite Practice Test Centre.