TIE is Ireland’s very own test of English accredited by ACELS

TIE exam is also on the ILEP list of accepted exams and it’s designed and administered by IELT. It consists of a speaking and a writing test with the intention to measure how well you can communicate in English. It is an exam that adapts and learners can take it at any level.

TIE (Test of Interactive English) is a multi-level exam based on three real-life tasks: reading a book, following a news story and researching and preparing a presentation on a topic of the student’s choice. These tasks must be completed in advance before the exam day in order to be able to take it. The emphasis on pre-exam tasks allows even lower level students to fully prepare and show their English skills at their best on the exam day.

The exam itself consists of a writing and a speaking test


The nature of the exam tasks make TIE a very realistic test of your English skills. It has a writing and a speaking test based on a book, news story and research presentation. There is no ‘grammar’ paper. Listening is tested solely through the students’ ability to communicate during the speaking test.

After completion of the exam students are issued with an exam certificate. The certificate gives their assessed level according to the Common European Framework of language ability (A1-C2).

TIE is an Irish exam accepted in Ireland and Italy

The Test of Interactive English can be taken right here in Erin on our Saturday exam days. For more information about the Test of Interactive English (TIE) please see the IELT website: www.ielt.ie