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Mark the correct option that has closest meaning to the example below:


1. You should not swim here.


2. You have to get off one train and get on another if you want to go to Cambridge.

3. If you want someone to wash some clothes for you, it will be cheaper this week

4. You can drive here next week

5. You mustn’t take too many clothes to try on

Read the article about Badgers . Choose the best word (A, B or C) for each space.


Not many people have ever seen a badger. (1)_____ black and white animals can...

They can sometimes (2)______the size of a large dog.
They live in underground holes in woods and forests in Europe and many of their homes have been there (3)______ centuries.
Scientists have even found bones of badgers (4)_____ 250,000 years ago.
The old English word for badger was ‘brock’ and a few English villages, for example Brockenhurst and Brockley, have (5)_____ that name.

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space


When Bo the cat decided to explore a furniture van, she has a bigger adventure than she expected. She was discovered (6)_____the driver...

...after he had completed a (7)_____ of over 500 kilometres.
It was the end of a long day. The driver and the cat were both hungry! He gave her some milk and started making enquiries. He telephoned his last customers, but they had not lost a cat. It was getting late, so he took Bo home for the night and (8)_____ morning delivered her to an animal hospital.
The cat’s owner had done some detective work too. After (9)______ everywhere for the cat, he suddenly remembered the furniture van which had made a delivery to a neighbour.
Fortunately, he remembered the name of the company. He called their office and in a short time Bo was (10)_____ safely.

Read the text about Thomas Edison and choose the best word for each gap


On the night of 21 October 1931, millions of Americans took part in a coast-to-coast ceremony to commemorate the passing of a great man. Lights went out in homes and offices from New York to California. The ceremony (11)_____ the death of arguably the most important inventor...

Arguably the most important inventor of (12)_____ time: Thomas Alva Edison.
In many ways, Edison is the perfect example of an inventor – that is, not just someone who (13)_____ up clever gadgets, but someone whose products transform the lives of millions.
He possessed the key characteristics that an inventor needs to make a success of inventions, notably sheer determination. Knowing when to take no (14)______of experts is also important.
Edison’s proposal for electric lighting was (15)_____ with total disbelief by eminent scientists, until he lit up whole streets with his lights.

Complete this letter. Choose the best word for each space. Use ONE word only

Dear Kate,
It will be my 14th birthday (1) _____ March 8.
Mum and Dad (2) ______ going to take me to the beach.
We’ll go by car, so I can take four friends (3)_____ me.
Would you like to come? Hannah has said (4) _____ will come.
I am asking David and Maria (5)_____.
Mum will take all the food, so you don’t (6) _____ to bring anything...
Mum will take all the food so don’t bring anything to (7)_____ .
(8) _____ the weather is good, we may swim.
We may swim (9) _____ sea so remember to bring your swimming things.
I really (10)______ you can come.

Read the text below and choose the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word in each gap.

One of the biggest passenger ships in history, the Island Princess, carries people on cruises around the Caribbean. More than double (11) ______ weight of the Titanic...
It was (12) _____ large to be built in (13)piece.
It was (12) large to be built in (13) _____ piece.
Instead, 48 sections (14) _____ total were made in different places. The ship was then put together at a shipbuilding yard in Italy.
The huge weight of the Island Princess is partly due to her enormous height. When compared with the Titanic, she is also a much broader ship. As (15) _____ as length is concerned, there’s little difference – the Island Princess is over 250 metres long, similar to the length of the Titanic.
The Island Princess can carry (16)______ to 2,600 passengers.
It has 1,321 cabins, including 25 specially designed (17)_____ use by disabled passengers.
There is entertainment on board to suit (18)_____ age and interest, from dancing to good drama.
The Island Princess seems very likely to be a popular holiday choice for many years to (19) _____ .
Even though most people will have to save up in order to be (20) _____ to afford the trip.

Here are some sentences about a trip to the zoo. For each question choose the best option in the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.


Feeding the animals is not allowed.
You must not feed / be feeding / playing with the animals.


A family ticket costs £10.
The cost of a family ticket _____ £10.

Entrance at weekends is more expensive than on weekdays.
Entrance on weekdays is _____ at weekends.

You don’t have to pay to visit the zoo on Thursdays.
You can visit the zoo_____ paying on Thursdays.

There aren’t any elephants at the zoo now.
The zoo doesn’t _____elephants any more.

The new zoo restaurant has been open for a week.
The new zoo restaurant _____last week.

There is only ONE correct answer per question

Tony is looking at _______.
When _______, give her this book
There are twelve of us, so ______ get into the car at the same time
If you ________ help you, you only have to ask me
We can never relax in this office. New problems are continually ________.
We’ve _______ sugar. Ask Mrs. Jones to lend us some.
He reminds me _________ someone I knew in the army.
I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t _________ again.
I’ve __________ for the job and I hope I get it.
Everyone in the factory has to be ____ by 8 o’clock.

Choose the best option in the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence


A very friendly taxi driver drove us into town. 
We were driven into town by / to drive with a very friendly taxi driver.

The TV programme was so complicated that none of the children could understand it.
The TV programme was _____ the children to understand.
Luke knocked over the old lady’s bicycle by accident.
Luke _____ knock over the old lady’s bicycle.
I’ve already planned my next holiday.
I’ve already _____my next holiday
It looks as if Susan has left her jacket behind.
Susan ____her jacket behind.
A newly qualified dentist took out Mr Dupont’s tooth.
Mr Dupont _____by a newly qualified dentist.

There is only ONE correct answer per question


A) Since their first appearance on newsstands more than 75 years ago, comic books have been blamed for a range of social problems including juvenile delinquency and have been condemned and even censored. But in recent years comics have gained an extraordinary level of recognition, being transformed into Hollywood blockbusters, entering bestseller lists (as “graphic novels,” the name for their more grown-up version) and receiving literary awards from the Pulitzer Prize (for Art Spiegelman’s Maus) to the Guardian First Book Award for Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan. But have comic books and graphic novels truly shaken off their image as “low culture”? And if so, can they play a positive role in the development of young people’s reading skills?’
B) One common myth about comics is that reading them can replace the reading of other types of reading materials. Research shows that worry is mistaken. Boys who read comic books regularly also tend to read more text-based material and report higher levels of overall reading enjoyment, compared to boys who do not read comic books (Ujiee & Krashen, 1996). In fact, some evidence supports the idea that comic books provide a “gateway” to other types of reading material. For example, some researchers have argued that the language of comic books can help young people make the change from informal everyday language to formal written language (Krashen, 1993).
C) Another popular myth is that the visual element of comic books makes them more suitable for immature readers. In fact, comics can help readers develop a number of useful language and literacy skills. The extensive use of images in a comic book requires readers to develop two kinds of literacy: visual literacy and comics literacy. Visual literacy is the ability to interpret the meaning of various kinds of illustrations (Fenwick, 1998). Comics literacy refers to the ability to understand a sequence of events or images, to interpret characters’ non-verbal gestures, to understand a story’s plot and to make inferences (Lyga, 2006).
D) Comic books allow children to develop many of the same skills as reading text-based books such as connecting narratives to children’s own experiences, predicting what will happen next and working out what happens between individual picture panels. Even before children are ready to read text, comic books can give them practice in making meaning from material printed on a page, tracking left to right and top to bottom, interpreting symbols, and following the sequence of events in a story (Edmunds, 2006). According to L. Starr (2004), comic books have been shown to be useful for beginning readers, since the reduced text makes the language manageable. Comics expand children’s vocabulary by giving contexts to words that the child would not normally have been exposed to (Grant, 2006). New readers can also learn story elements through reading comics. Like novels, comics have a beginning, middle and end, main characters that develop through conflicts and story climax. Comics thus introduce the concepts of narrative structure and character development (Grant, 2006)
E) Comic books can help children with learning or reading difficulties. Research highlights how a number of the features found in comics can be of benefit to those with dyslexia and similar challenges, particularly the left-to-right organization of comics’ panels, the use of upper case letters, and the use of symbols and context to help with comprehension. As well, the research indicates that learners who can read well and those with reading problems are equally attracted to comics.

Choose the correct heading for each section (A-E) of the text Reading comics is good for you.

Section A
Section B
Section C
Section D
Section E

Look at the following statements and the list of names below. Match each statement with the correct name

Comics help as an introduction to written texts
Visual literacy means being able to interpret the meanings of different images
It is possible that comics help children understand printed material before they can read text
Fewer words in comics make the language easier for new readers
Boys who read comics generally enjoy reading

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