Designation: Student

“A very rewarding experience which I lived in Erin School, I came full of emotions and expectations, which were positively matched. In my point of view, the school itself has a good structure, the only negative aspect is the absence of a water fountain and a cafeteria, because I love coffee, but I believe they are providing one. I can not say that 100% of the administration is good, because I also had my issues with them, but, as far as possible, were solved … but what about my teachers ???? I had three and I sincerely loved every moment I could learn from them, each one with its different story and methodology, but all focused on student learning and very concerned about our income … it was 6 months, I started at zero and I left in the pre intermediary, in my point of view it was a great evolution for those who did not even say hello !!! I thank every moment and here I leave my satisfaction of being part of this school that welcomed me and gave me the tools I needed to continue the dream.”