Designation: Student

“I’ve studied in Erin School of English twice – when I first arrived in Dublin and when I renewed my visa. First of all, the price was really worthwhile, based in the fact we are a couple and therefore had to paid for two people (there are absurd prices in Dublin’s schools, you will see).
Its location it’s great (Dame Street, in the heart of Dublin city centre), the structure is good (they offer more than I had time to do it, free activities for instance), the staff is nice (Maddalena and Stavroula specially) and – what is the most important for me – they have a great staff of teachers. I’ve learnt so much with them, and some even became friends. I’ll never forget them and how they helped me to improve my English with effective methodologies.
Despite the negative things some people say on reviews based in particular experiences or situations, I would say, overall, Erin is a good school to choose in Dublin.
I’ve seen many friends of mine complaining about others schools which were supposed to be greater (of course they sold this idea within the high price), but at the end of the day, behind many activities and infrastructure perhaps better than Erin’s, the learning, methodology and teachers weren’t that great.
Thanks Erin, you made my time in Dublin be greater than I’ve ever imagined!”